About Jill McNamee

Jill started in real estate during the market crash of 2008. She worked as a single agent for four years and in 2012 her son Zach joined her and they became the McNamee Real Estate Team. Jill, Zach and their small but mighty real estate team consistently sell over 100 homes each year in a small community of just under 30,000, called Hudson, WI. With a passion for the community they serve, McNamee Real Estate Team uses their connections in the community to fuel their real estate business.

What you'll learn ... and more!

What would it mean to your business and life to be able to sell 100 properties per year? To have a proven system that allows you to do that consistently in a small market?

That is exactly what you can expect when you join Real Estate Ramp Up. You will learn the mindset, tools of the trade, and customer experience needed to dominate your market. In addition, our unique preferred vendor partner program will help you get started immediately. And finally, you will learn how to become the mayor of your town through community events.

Selling real estate can be a tough business. You need to have proven sales strategies if you want to scale your business and make a good income. Kick start your real estate career by learning some of these essential selling techniques.

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Learn how to grow your database with community events!

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Is it important to farm and cold call neighborhoods? We'll get into the thick of it!

Strategic Partnership Ahead
Vendor Partners are so important to have in your back pocket: for yourself and your clients.

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